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Vitamin B12 injections

Help boost your energy levels, metabolism, sleep quality, neurologic function, immune response and decrease overall lethargy with Vitamin B12 injections. 


Vitamin B12 is typically found in foods or supplements, however a deficiency can display as feeling tired. Vitamin B12 helps with bodily functions such creating energy on the cellular level, so of course...deficiency in vitamin B12 can display as fatigue. The lack of energy produced in your body, the more tired you feel, the less productive you become, the less effort you might put in activities like your workouts and accomplishing tasks during the day. The amount of energy you produce also determines your metabolism as the less energy you produce, the slower your metabolism becomes. Vitamin B12 shots can increase your energy production which can improve your metabolism and how many calories you burn during the day. How else can it help with your energy levels? Vitamin B12 helps with the quality of your sleep (leading to more energy for the next day) and improves your mood quality (when you feel energized, you are more likely to accomplish daily tasks). B12 has also been shown to boost your immune system and may slow hair loss as vitamin b12 is optimal in hair growth. B12 injections are absorbed much faster than b12 pills as it is injected directly into the muscle and is absorbed into the blood stream, whereas pills must pass through the digestive tract where some of it may be lost during the digestion process.

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