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Lash extensions can be high maintenance and strip lashes can be a nightmare to apply. Either way, once they both come're left with your natural lashes which may not be as full or long as you'd like them to be. 
Latisse is a health canada and FDA approved lash growth serum that enhances your natural lashes by boosting their growth, length, density, and darkness. A low maintenance alternative, and you just wake up with full and healthy eyelashes. 

What is Latisse?
A prescription medication (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) used to treat those with short or minimal lashes. This medication was originally used to treat glaucoma, however one of the side effects they found was increased eyelash growth which led to the creation of Latisse.

How does it work/what does it do?

Latisse has been seen to prolong the growth phase of eyelashes, allowing it more time to grow. Our eyelashes go through a series of phases, and prologing the growth phase allows it to increase in length, density and pigment. 

When can i see results? 

Results can be seen as soon as 8-10 weeks after you begin the application process, with full results seen at 12-16 weeks after you initiate and apply daily. As your lashes grow to a particular length and density of your preference after daily application, you can eventually begin to spread out the application frequency and move into your maintenance phase with Latisse. This means that eventually you can apply it a few times a week or every other day. 

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What happens if i stop using Latisse?
Your eyelashes will return to it's original state over weeks-months after you stop using it. Like many medications, it will only continue to work only as long as you use it.

Can i buy it at a drugstore?
No, Latisse is a cosmetic medication that requires a prescription that we obtain for the patient if they do not have any contraindications. Therefore, you can only purchase for yourself and not a friend. 

What is the cost?
$144 + hst for a 3ml bottle 
$240 + hst for a 5ml bottle 

How long will the bottle last? 

The bottles come in 3ml or 5ml sizes. The 3ml bottle can typically last you at least 3 months and the 5ml bottle can last you at least 4 months. This all varies per person.

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