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Our prices reflect the quality of results that we provide at RNRC Aesthetics with over 4 years of experience in the cosmetic injectables industry improving, enhancing and evolving. Using premium products that last and provide the best outcomes in a comfortable space for you to get ready for the new upgraded version of you. Come experience the feeling of being an inspiration, as you radiate confidence and self-awareness within yourself and those around you. 
The muse effect. 

Lip Fillers 

$550 for a full treatment 
$350 for a lip filler top up 


Full face contour or enhancement

Starting at $2500 
An overall refresh, whether you just want to look more balanced and restore volume that was lost with age or time.

Targeting multiple areas of the face that have depleted in volume or are showing signs of the dreaded "drooping" will create a more natural look. This ensures we can create seamless results, rather than only upgrading one areas and neglecting the rest. 

Or if you're looking for a full face contour of areas such as your cheekbones, jawline, chin, or lips...we can determine your priority areas and create a greater definition where it is necessary. Simply put, we can get you a full face snatch. 


Target area contouring 

Jawline contouring - starting at $1500
Cheekbone contouring - starting at $1000


Target small areas with fillers 

$550 per area 

It is strongly recommended to approach small/specific areas of concern with surrounding areas in order to create a seamless and natural result. Consultations are required for small area treatments as an in person assessment is the most accurate way to determine the best approach to treating your concerns. 

Example of treatment areas:

Cheek volume restoration, smoker's line softening (vertical lines above the lips), laugh lines and marionette lines (lines around the mouth), chin augmentation and so on


Bye bye undereye bags


Soften the look of hollow, dark under eyes and look more awake and refreshed.


Botox /Tox (Anti-wrinkle treatments)

Dosing or number of units required is determined upon in person assessment when we take a look at your natural anatomy. We assess your unique dosing through the movement of your muscles when you make facial expressions such as raise your eyebrows or frown. All dosing varies and is unique to every patient, this must be assessed in person and cannot be "guessed" or provided an average. 

$10/unit - we offer 3 different brands of anti-wrinkle "tox" to cater the patient's desired look and end goal (Botox, Dysport, and our favourite Nuceiva). Does not include touch-ups at 2 weeks. 

$600 - upper face (Bo)tox
This includes all areas from the eyes and up, such as the frown, forehead and crow's feet as these are the most common areas of concern. This option is result-focused, not per unit focused. We use the number of units we need to achieve a desired end outcome, an all-inclusive approach. 

$900 - 100 units of tox 
Use what you need per treatment, save the rest for your future treatment and purchase more units as necessary based on our assessment.


$80 - Lip flip
Relax the upper lip muscle and create a slight up-turn of the top lip. Allows a greater show of the "pink" of the lips, as well as prevents the curling in motion of the lips when you smile/talk. This is also the same treatment for preventing the smoker's lines (vertical lines above the lip) from becoming deeper. 


$80 - Gummy smile reduction

Decrease the amount of gums showing when you smile by targeting specific muscles. 


$400+ - Jawline slimming
Target the masseter muscles to help shrink and decrease the bulk along the sides of the face, creating a more tapered and V shaped lower face. Ideal for patients looking to achieve a face that is less round. 


$900+ - Excessive underarm sweating (or hyperhidrosis)

Helps decrease the sweat in the underarm areas. 



Vitamin B12 injections 

$60 - individual shot 
$100 - package of 3 shots 
$40 - when you add onto an existing appointment/treatment


IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy 

$200 - The Morning After (Hydrate, replenish, enhance)

$230 - The High C (Vitamin C infusion)
$250 - The Charged Up (Energize, regenerate, strengthen)
$300 - The Glow Up (Refine, illuminate, refresh)

$300 - The Glut Glow (Glutathione infusion)

$350 - The Green Drink (Protect, repair, supercharge)

Add an IV Vitamin Drip to an existing Botox/Filler appointment and receive $50 off. The drip must be done on the same appointment. 

All prices are subject to change and do not include HST


Refer us to your friends

If you are a *current patient of RNRC Aesthetics and you refer someone to will both receive a $50** credit towards your next treatment. Yes, that means $50 for you and $50 for the person you referred. 
So help us spread the word and get rewarded. 

*spent a minimum of $200 before HST
**Minimum spend of $200 before HST required


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