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Bridal Bouquet

Let us take away the stress of planning your glow up for your wedding day. Give your face a contoured or enhanced base for your make up artist to work with, and maybe you won't have to ask your photographer to photoshop those pesky lines you hate seeing in pictures.

On top of that, prepare for your honeymoon somewhere hot as a brand new wife, while you are make-up free and beaming on a beach with your new husband. Get your face and energy levels up, this is your big day.

The Glow Up Bride

Woman Throwing Bouquet


The Natural Bride $1100

  • Upper Face Botox (This includes your frown, forehead, and crow's feet)

  • Baby lip plump (subtle, natural, hydrating)

  • IV Vitamin Therapy "The Charged Up" to boost your energy levels & charge your batteries to 100%

The Medium Extra Bride $1800

  • Upper Face Botox 

  • 2 small areas with Fillers (i.e. Lips, laugh lines, cheekbones, chin, marionette lines, etc.) - includes 2 syringes 

  • IV Vitamin Therapy "The Charged Up" 

The Go All Out Bride $2600

  • Upper Face Botox

  • 4+ areas with fillers (Natural full face enhancement or contouring with fillers) - includes 4 syringes

  • IV Vitamin Therapy "The Charged Up"

Independent services are available always available to brides as well, these can be seen under "services". 
If you are unsure of what you need and would lik
e to have a consultation before booking, book a complimentary consultation by clicking here

Are you and your bridal crew interested in getting a some tox or fillers together? Get 10% off your services when you book. A minimum of 4 guests required. 

Pro tip: Try out the services you are interested in first, kind of like a make up trial... at least 6-12 months before your wedding date 

Happy Bride
White Eyeshadow

Group IV Vitamin Drips 

Read about IV Vitamin Drips here


Get an IV Vitamin Drip before or after your wedding.

We offer 3 options of IV Vitamin Cocktails:

  1. The Charged Up aka our energy drip to make sure you have ample battery levels to last a night of celebrations 

  2. The Morning After aka our boost drip to recover the morning after the party, because we know that it can be rough and sometimes gatorade just is not enough. 

  3. The Glow Up aka our radiance drip to provide your skin with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs to glow, create a smooth texture and soften dark pigmentation. 

In office prices can be found here and discounts are applicable when attending in bigger groups. 

Mobile services are available depending on the location

Deposit required to book, minimum 3 weeks advance booking.

Mobile IV services cost:

The Charged Up "Energy" Drip - $280/person
The Morning After "Recovery" Drip - $230/person

The Glow Up "Radiance" Drip - $300/person 

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