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IV Vitamin Hydration

This treatment directly administers vitamins and minerals into your system and re-hydrate your body for a quick boost of energy and nutrition. With 4 different types of IV Vitamin cocktails, we have something for everyone depending on what your body needs right in the core of downtown Whitby. 


IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy delivers a faster and more efficient method of obtaining electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and hydration. The direct administration of nutrients to your system allows you to bypass the gastric system, so it results in a greater percentage absorbed. This is especially important for patients with absorption issues in the digestive tract.  It is quick way to ensure that you are getting the vitamins that you need within an hour or less, which is especially important for those with a busy lifestyle (which is most of us nowadays). An almost instant boost in energy and hydration, enhances your mood and metabolism, aids in a faster recovery from surgeries (ex: cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation or BBL) or illnesses, and helps improve skin pigmentation issues, signs of aging and dullness. With 4 different types of IV Vitamin Hydration cocktails, you can choose your priority concerns and we can target them with the nutrients they actually need.

Looking for a pre-wedding energy boost, want to plan a girls night in, or a fast recovery at home after a night out ? 
We offer this service on a mobile basis, whether it is for you and a friend or the whole crew.


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