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Fat dissolving treatments

A permanent, minimally invasive way to get rid of stubborn excess "fat" or bulk in various areas of the body. 


Fat dissolving is a non-surgical alternative to getting rid of excess fat. We use  Deoxycholic Acid to permanently kill fat cells in the targeted area. There is minimal to no downtime with this procedure as it only involves needle pokes and no incisions are made. This procedure takes less than an hour and final results are seen in 6-8 weeks once the area has settled and overall swelling has subsided. The number of sessions depend on the severity of the area being treated, as well as the end aesthetic goal of the patient. A minimum of 3 sessions is typically recommended for first time patients, and more may be necessary after this  depending on the amount of fat reduction the patient wants to achieve. As you may understand, everyone has a different amount of fat in this area and we all have a different idea of what looks good on us. You can go about your day as normal after the treatment and look forward to your outfits fitting better, bolder confidence to go for the saucy bikini or for a more contoured jawline.

Book a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this treatment and get rid of that extra cushion for good!

Here are some areas that you can treat with this procedure​​

  • Abdomen

  • "Double chin"

  • Arms 

  • Flanks

  • Back

  • Inner thighs 

  • Bra fat 

  • "Banana Roll"

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