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Still you, but better.



RNRC Aesthetics was founded by Rochele, Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Nurse Injector. She has over 4 years of experience in and outside of the Durham Region including Whitby, Oshawa, and Ajax of actively injecting botox, fillers and other injectable treatments in large high traffic clinics and local smaller scale medspas. She has developed a niche in treating patients looking to enhance, contour and prevent signs of aging starting in their 20's. Specializing in lip fillers and facial contouring, Nurse Rochele has placed her focus on creating an undetectably enhanced version of her patients. We use the term "The Muse Effect" to describe the outcome after our treatments. This is because we use you as the source of our artistic inspiration to ensure that your results are unique to your features, personality, and desired goal. We create a version of you, but better. A version of you that can feel confident without heavy make up or filters. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel self-aware, confident and powerful. A muse to yourself, and those around you. 


When you look good, you feel good.

And that is when you walk the talk and get things done.

RNRC Aesthetics 

Botox/Tox (Anti-wrinkle treaments)

Typically known as "Botox" which is a brand name. We also offer other brands at RNRC Aesthetics to suit different preferences. It prevents and softens fine lines and wrinkles  for approximately 3-4 months. Botox inhibits muscle movements that create "wrinkles". Typically used in areas such as the 11's, forehead and crow's feet...there are many other uses for this treatment as well like using it for excessive underarm sweating, lip flip, jawline slimming or chin "orange peel" dimpling. 

Otherwise known as "dermal fillers" are used to restore volume, enhance features, and contour the face. Lasting about year or more, this procedure is a non-surgical approach to "filling" or adding volume to areas like the lips (our favourite), cheekbones, under eyes, jawline, chin, laugh/marionette lines and many more. We use non-permanent fillers that are made out of hyaluronic acid which we naturally have in our bodies. This is a very popular procedure with no down-time and immediate results.

Double Chin Dissolving
Vitamin B12 shots & IV Vitamin infusions

A permanent and non-surgical method to getting rid of the "fat" in the double chin area to enhance the jawline and reduce bulk. This typically requires multiple sessions (Average minimum of 3) to see adequate results. Results will vary based on patient's unique anatomy, severity, and desired outcome. 

Feel good from the inside with our Vitamin B12 monthly shots or get it as needed with IV vitamin infusions. Improve your mood, increase energy levels, improve sleep quality and brain function, achieve glowing skin from the inside out and get hydrated with our vitamin treatments. Keep up on a monthly basis with Vitamin B12 injections or get a much needed boost from the occasional IV vitamin infusion. 


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We constantly update our instagram page with unfiltered and raw pictures of before and afters. We understand that this is the best way for you to see our work and to appreciate what to expect with your treatments. 


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101 Mary St W, Unit 301, Whitby, ON, L1N 2R4

Phone: 905-925-4607

IG: @rnrc.aesthetics

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